Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well, the City of Manchester Marathon (and Half-Marathon) was today... and I actually made my goal: to finish upright and without the aid of an ambulance. WOO-HOO!

It was pretty chilly for spectators (Bill was pretty uncomfortable), but perfect running weather. It was a great run -- lots of spectators along the course (and many near the finish). My IT band started bothering me just before mile 11, so the last two miles were spent alternating between running & walking, but I still made it in at around 2:30 or so. I honestly never looked at my time crossing the finish line because I was looking for Bill and the kids (and found them!), and then Michelle and Mike (a couple friends from work) who crossed the line a bit before I did.

I'm pooped now... took a couple ibuprofin and I'm relaxing on the couch. Would I do it again? Sure! Although I'd baby my IT band a bit more beforehand.

Before the race (Michelle all bundled up for warmth in the background):

And they're off!

Nearing the finish line... and I'm SMILING?! (hee!)

Whew! I've got some more modest runs in mind for the near-term (a five-mile race on Thanksgiving morning, for one... hey, they give out PIES at the end!!). Although I'm eyeballing the half-marathon out in Sonoma Valley... mmmm, wine country. :-)

Edited to add: The results are in!! I made it in 2:28:29! Given the five-minute porta-potty break (figured out by Michelle and her trusty Garmin), that's WAY better than I expected! Woo-hoo!!