Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Unofficial End of Summer...

...or so they call Labor Day Weekend, anyway. So school's started once again, and the long, lazy days are getting shorter, and it's time to put the favorite summer things away in the attic. No, not the white pants (hell with the "rules" - I wear those all year round!)... but the things that just make summer what it is:
  • The tinny jingle of the ice cream truck (which unfortunately drives too fast down our street)
  • Catching grasshoppers with the kids
  • Getting grass all over your bare feet after the lawn has been mowed
  • The ferocity of the summer rainstorm
  • The smell of the air after the rain
  • The morning fog over the field when it's that special kind of cold & humid
  • Fireflies
  • The smell of the pine trees
  • Sitting out on the deck with the feet up on the table and a cold drink in hand
  • Wearing flip-flops outside the house
So, back in the attic they go until next year... Which is fine. Now I get to take out the Fall stuff:
  • The crisp cool air in the morning, and being able to see your breath
  • Fair and "Old Home Days" season
  • The reds and yellows of the maple trees
  • The smell of burning leaves
  • The "crunch crunch" of walking through the fallen leaves
  • Sweaters(!)
  • Apple picking, apple cider, and pumpkin pie
The days are getting shorter, but this is the season I like best... Everything about Fall just seems to have a bit of "spice" to it. Not too hot, not too cold, nature's beauty at its finest, and the beginning of the "hunker down with family and friends" holiday season. Oh, and figuring out what sweater goes with those white pants before I spill cider all over them!

Enjoy the transition, everyone! Have a great holiday weekend!
(Oh, and thanks to a couple folks for reminding me I have a blog! :-)