Friday, October 3, 2008

So, what was all THAT about, you wonder... :-)

In case you're wondering what all the picture activity was about last weekend, Bill and I took a long weekend (the first one away from the kids!) to head to Baltimore for the Baltimore Comic Con. Yeah, I know... geeeeeeeeeks! :-)

Bill's gotten to know a lot of folks in the artist community (through shows and getting commissions, etc.), and through one of the online message boards, friends and fans of Tim Sale (Batman/Superman/Daredevil/Hulk Gray artist, as well as the art for Heroes) decided to get together at the Baltimore show for a helluva party. I got to finally meet a lot of the folks I've only spoken to online, and what a fun bunch!

Did I run at all that weekend? Ha! Funny question! :-P

Some of the more random highlights of the weekend (that may only make sense if you were there):
  • Opening lunch at Hooters
  • 25 (or was it 35) pounds of chicken wings
  • Australian chocolate (Lauren! I love you, but you're EVIL!)
  • Rich(!) Starkings and I geeking out on our iPhones.
  • The sketchtravel book... wow. (lots of beautiful work in there)
  • Sightseeing in the rain on Saturday (and Bill's new pair of shoes as a result)
  • Dinner for 23 at Lucy's Pub. Me with my Guinness and Bill ("Breezy") with his sea breeze. Hee hee...
  • Everyone's pirate booty from the show (some beautiful artwork everyone got... especially the folks who waited in Barry Kitson's line)
  • Singalong at the Hard Rock ("The Looooooove Shack...!")
  • Hanging out at the OTHER hotel Sunday night (and I'm wondering if I should be thankful that I missed the "Saved by the Bell" discussion)
  • Oh, and the most random event of them all: the street gang riding off-road vehicles (dirt bikes and quads) down the middle of the street at dusk. Where do you even BUY dirt bikes in Baltimore? (And I'm bummed I missed seeing the guy fall off the quad... schadenfreude is still alive and well, I'm afraid).
Flickr sets have been posted... lots of fun was had. Next time we get together might be Seattle in April. I'm getting used to this sightseeing in the rain thing. :-)

My Flickr set
Bill's Flickr set

Now I need to break it to the kids that I'm going to AZ for travel next week. Ugh.

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lauren said...

you can buy tim tams from ebay. really you can, i've seen them listed.